The USC Trophy

The USC championship trophy is a perpetual cup awarded to the winners of the USC challenges held every two years. It is comprised of a gold sun over a solar array with elements that symbolize the United + Solar Challenge in the event name. The rays of the sun consist of a circumferential chain of people holding hands signifying unity. The array contains 24 solar cells, each dedicated to commemorate a USC competition, the date, and the name of the winning team. The first awardee of the trophy is the Solar Team of University of Michigan and Abu Dhabi University that won the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge (ADSC). The USC trophy will be presented to the winner of the Somabay Egyptian Solar Challenge (SESC) which will be held in Egypt on 17 - 21 March 2017.


Aside from the USC Championship Trophy for the overall SESC winner, awards will be granted to the top three finishers in both classes, as well as other categories including but not limited to fastest qualifying time, technical innovation, mechanical design, electric design, best use of software, sportsmanship, safety, and best team video and team photo promoting the SESC. The International Solarcar Federation will also award its Achievement Award to the team that best exemplifies the mission of ISF by raising awareness of the imperatives of sustainable transport through innovation and promoting the concept of “Brain Sport”.

ISF Points

The top 10 overall finishers of the SESC will receive ISF Championship points in descending scale from 10 to 1. All other participants regardless of position receive one point, and the fastest qualifying time is also granted one ISF point.