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Global EEE

Global EEE was founded in 1987. GlobalEEE has helped organize competitions around the world that promote education, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness. GloablEEE is passionate about what they do, and every member of the group has built a vehicle and competed in the past prior to joining our team. Collectively, GloablEEE have over 120 man-years of combined experience.


International Solarcar Federation

The International Solarcar Federation (ISF) is the official governing body of major international solar car challenges held throughout the world. The first general assembly and chartering meeting was held in Beatenberg, Switzerland in 1991. ISF is managed by an Executive Board comprised of current and former international race directors and other individuals with extensive experience with building and driving solar cars. The main role of ISF is to create and update rules and regulations, and establish homologation among the various races and competitions. ISF is a not-for-profit organisation.



Somabay is an exclusive holiday resort destination on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast. In addition to its variety of diverse luxury hotels, residential developments, and stylish marina, it is home to a world-famous spa and golf course and coveted diving and kitesurfing spots. Just a four-hour flight from Central Europe, the year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches, blue skies and refreshing sea waters of Somabay are just within reach.



Hadath is an event management company that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, we provide a unique standard of organizing programs, events and activities. Our significant work business lets us sustain high quality programs, events and services. We value our partners and clients and focus on their dream products and services.

Hadath devotes all of its personal work to innovation and entrepreneurship. It develops its own programs to imprint its own role in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and tends to make various partnerships and maintain very well-established channels with profit and non-profit organizations and with different types of companies to reach a new level of professionalism.