The Somabay Egyptian Solar Challenge (SESC) is an ISF recognized collegiate competition that will take place in Egypt on 17-21 March 2017. It is the second event to be held as part of the United Solar Challenge (USC), and will coincide with the 2017 Global Hybrid-Electric Challenge - Egypt. Prequalifying will be held 14-16 March through a number of static and dynamic scrutineering and qualifying sessions, with the cars competing head-to-head for pole position on the final day of qualifications. The SESC will start and finish at the beautiful Somabay Red Sea resort on the first four days, and will end in Cairo on the fifth (final) day. On their finish in Cairo the cars will parade in finishing order to the ancient Pyramids at the Giza Plateau.



Date: 14th March - 15th March

Venue: Somabay Resort, Egypt



Date: 16th March

Venue: Somabay Resort, Egypt


Road Event

Date: 17th March - 21st March

Venue: Somabay Resort, Egypt