Successfully completing the Somabay Egpytian Solar Challenge (SESC) competition is a hugely rewarding accomplishment.

Teams must first design and build a solar powered vehicle that meets every requirement set forth in the regulations.

They are required to submit vehicle design reports and other documentation to competition officials prior to the event for approval.

The teams will conduct as much testing and optimisation of their vehicles as possible before the competition starts.

When teams arrive on site for the event, their first task is to pass scrutineering inspections where challenge officials closely inspect every aspect of their vehicles to ensure full compliance with the regulations.

Cars that pass scrutineering move on to the qualifying session, where they must complete a pre-determined number of laps with multiple drivers to qualify for the SESC.

Teams that make it safely this far have proved their solar cars are ready to attempt the cross-country journey.

Teams often have to get creative in solving issues along the way since there aren’t as many resources on the side of a highway as there are on a track or back on campus.

Participation in the SESC is open to solar car teams from any academic institution throughout the world. Non-academic organisations may participate but must partner with a university or college. Please contact for more information.